Why We Chose Big Commerce

We recently decided to create a new store, and had to decide on how to do it.

In our meeting we came up with several options.

1. Duplicate our existing store and use with RomanCart
2. Put together a new html website and use with RomanCart
3. Put together a new website with wordpress and add roman cart
4. Start a new website with Big Commerce

I should stress that we want to do this at speed and so want to use solutions we are familiar and comfortable with, rather than spend days researching new solutions.

Wordpress appealed because we have a heavy content base on our websites and it would provide us with an instant CMS. However, with all three of the initial solutions we would be using roman cart. RomanCart is great for adding quick functionality to an existing html website, but does not have the sophistication of BigCommerce.

Eventually, we settled on BigCommerce for the following reasons:

- Speed of improvement: BigCommerce is constantly rolling out new and improved versions - RomanCart seems to have taken three years to roll out one
- Speed and ease of setting up: option 4 beats all the other options for speed and ease
- Sophistication: BigCommerce offers nearly everything you could possibly want for an e-commerce store, and all you have to do to take advantage of it is fill in a few forms

I will update this page when our new store is up!