Support ****1/2

Four and a half stars, i.e. pretty damn good.

When I first signed up I got a welcome email urging me to not to hesitate to answer any questions.

Now I know this is an automated email (I send them out myself) but when I was struggling to integrate Paypal I sent a query back. I got a very short email (that's okay) with a link to an article which didn't answer my question (not so okay).

Apart from that, the support has been excellent. You can open a support portal and your questions are always answered quickly. There is also a sort of community support where other users can chime in, and you can also put a little face to show you are frustrated. And you can vote on a question/issue to show you have the same concern, which the admin can use to help develop the system. Very impressive!

BigCommerce Community Support Portal

Screenshot of the Big Commerce Community Support Portal