Other BigCommerce Reviews

Zippy Cart:

Zippy cart gives a very positive review of the BigCommerce site: the one drawback they point out is that there is no support on Sundays, but this is fairly common. 

Quotes "BigCommerce is not only perfectly fit for someone looking to open an online store with little technical skills, it is also well suited to accommodate a larger, more sophisticated site with thousands of products."

"With a free trial option and no long term contracts, BigCommerce is a must try ecommerce shopping cart solution."

Practical ECommere

Practical ecommerce awards the site four stars, and points out that BigCommerce was voted 2009's easiest to use shopping cart by 9000 online retailers. 

Quote: "BigCommerce runs on an enterprise-grade hosting system and can effortlessly handle tens of thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of visitors a day - all at a lightning fast pace."

Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews rate BigCommerce as their top e-commerce solution, giving the website full marks in every area. 

Quote: "BigCommerce has everything you need to satisfy your eCommerce needs and get your store off and running. This is rock solid, can’t miss eCommerce software. You will never regret giving this top of the line software a chance, no matter what price might be asked for it."