Integrated newsletter *

Diabolical! They provide a newsletter form on their website without even having the function to send a newsletter! Even worse, there is no double opt-in - the ultimate sin in email broadcasting. I am really suprised that a website which does so well in so many areas has neglected this one. As other users have pointed out, if you add the addressed to another system, the users will get a opt in email, which would be confusing if it wasn't pretty much insantanous. 

Work around: I think it should be possible to replace their newsletter sign up form with code for an Aweber sign up form. I'm not quite ready to upload a newsletter form yet, but I am going to try creating an Aweber form, copying the javascript, going into the template files and replacing their newsletter form code with mine. If it works I'll video it and place the video here. It worked and I made a video of the process. Click on the subpage below to see how I did it.

(Note - I am NOT a coder, so it has to be pretty easy if I can do it.)