Designs ****1/2

After using Roman Cart, which is great in many ways but has an awful design (doesn't matter so much, though, as the customers only see the checkout, which can be customised) it's lovely to have a pleasing design to work with.

For your store you can choose from a range of designs. To me they do look either a tiny bit bland or very specialised, but they'll certainly do to test the concept to see if it is worth having a custom design built!

(I love the idea of a store you can set up for a few dollars, test and then either discard, let it run along or invest some serious money into!)

You can change the layout of the designs to an extend by dragging sections (or panels as they call them) around. That's handy, but for major changes you will need to get into the code or hire a designer.

It will be interesting to see if they develop their design section - they could perhaps end up with a very customisable design, similar to blogger.

Below: The Cigarette Case - Currently using a BigCommerce design. Click on the image below for a larger screen shot.

As you can see, while I have chosen to remain with the original template file, you have got a lot to choose from.